Your personal brand represents who you are and I am here to help you take it to the next level.

As someone who has a larger following on Twitter, I understand the desire to grow a following off of socials. Everything you've built can be taken away with a ban and then you're left with a bunch of wasted time and effort..

Let's build something that you own and have full control over.

Web design for social media influencers - A picture of a blonde model sitting in front of a yellow wall. She is wearing a green tanktop and has a hoop style nosering between each nostril. Her arms have tattoos of various text sayings.



Through our initial consultation, we can sit down and go over what you would like to accomplish with your personal site. Do you want it to be a hub for long form blogs or a store that your followers can use to purchase your products?

Design Phase

In this phase I will create a mockup of the page based on your consultation.

Before anything is coded, we will go over this design and you can decide if you would like to make any changes. Everything is pretty fluid at this point and it's very easy to implement any changes you'd like to make.

Online Store

Brand building for influencers often ties into a product that your fans will want to purchase.

By using Shopify or WooCommerce, we can set up an online store that will be very easy for you update when you take full ownership of the site. I will also take time to go over how to maintain the store (add items, change prices, etc.) over video call when the site is up and running.

Socials Page

On this page we will consolidate all of your social media accounts and set it up to serve as a portal to all of the sites that you post content on.

This allows you to start building a following on another site without having to always notify your followers of all your different accounts

Simply point them to this page and they will be able to follow you everywhere!

Blog and Content Posting

Blogs are a great way for influencers to build on their brand with long form content. It's hard to really say what you want in each social post, so it's nice for your followers to have a place where they can get to know you better.

All of our blogs are based on WordPress which makes it very easy for you to post and edit content.

Going Live

When I hand over the site, I'll go over how you can post your own content and make small adjustments to the page.

Any big changes, you'll probably want to ask me about prior to making them. Don't stress about about it too much, If something breaks on your site I'll always be available to fix it.

Web design for social media influencers - A picture of a brunette model sitting in a sit down video game cabinet. Her hair is pulled up into a high style ponytail.


Always working to expand your personal brand

Many design firms that build sites for influencers don't actually understand the hustle and work that goes into building an online brand. At the end of the day, they're businesses and many of them don't actually understand what goes into building a brand on social media.

I work with social media every single day so I understand the time commitment it takes to keep releasing engaging content. It's a balancing act that I can help you with by building and maintaing your personal site.

If you want to build something, reach out to me. If not, at least follow me on Twitter, I need that clout.