I do build websites for businesses but I am very particular about what I build and who I work with. I didn't get into development to build boring internal tools, I got into development to build cool things and have fun doing it.

If you're a business that is looking for something a little different than a standard corporate website, I am definitely interested in working with you. Priority will always be given to small businesses that align with my personality.

Web design for small to large businesses - A picture of a tattoo artist with a beard and a beanie giving someone a tattoo. The client is laying on his back and getting a tatto on his lower left side.



Working with businesses is a little different than working with individuals. We will start by sitting down and deciding what direction you would like to take with the design and work from there.

The website for your business should be an extension of what your business represents and I will always take the time to get this right.

Design Phase

In this phase I will create a mockup of the page based on your consultation. Before anything is coded, we will go over the design and you can decide if you would like to make any changes.

If your business has used a graphic designer for brand cohesiveness, I am very open to working with them to make sure I get everything just right.

Online Store

In the past year, eCommerce has absolutely exploded in popularity and I'm right there to help you out with whatever you might need.

As of right now, I am offering development on both the Shopify and WooCommerce platforms. Shopify builds are fairly easy unless you want something a little more custom. WooCommerce is based on WordPress and is very customizable.


Most businesses like to be able to advertise any promotions they may have going on and I make that easy for you.

Whether it's a separate page or a section on the main page, I can create something that is very easy to update when you have a new promotion or sale going on.

Delivery Service Implementation

Food delivery has blown up the past year and it can be fully implemented to work dynamically with whatever menu you have on your page.

I can build something that works with all the popular food delivery businesses or use Square for built-in integration if you provide your own pickup/delivery service.

Social Media Marketing

I do offer social media marketing packages for businesses if that is something you would be interested in. I create content that generates traffic towards your website and handle any ad campaigns on social media to bring in more business.

For small businesses with a smaller budget, I have no problem going over how to start generating a following on social media. This would basically be a meeting where we can sit down and chat about how to create content for social media - It's included with your build, you just have to bring the White Claw.

Web design for small to large businesses - A bartender with a ball cap pouring a line of shots. He is holding the bottle and doing a high pour into a shot glass.


Treat website visitors like people, not numbers

I don't care what any marketing firm is telling you, the belief that conversion rate is all that matters is outdated and no longer applicable. Yes, you want your website to generate more sales but more importantly than that, you want your website to build brand confidence.

You want your clients to talk about you on social media, give you great Google reviews, and visit your website because they are generally into your brand and want to see you succeed. The ultimate way of ensuring this is, treating each and every visitor like a human being.

This means when they reach out with questions, you answer them back in a timely manner. You engage with them on social media when they comment on your content. It's some of the cheapest marketing out there but it's also generally ignored by medium to large corporations.

From the initial build of your website to my social media management services, I will position your company to be looked on as an example of great digital marketing and brand building.