There has never been a more interesting time for digital artists and photographers with the rise of NFTs and the ability to make a ton of money off of your work.

While social media can be a good place to build an audience, it is also easy to get drowned out with all of the other artists using it. That's why a dedicated website is a huge asset when it comes to truly showcasing your work.

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The very first thing we do is a consultation to decide the best method to show your work and what you would like to accomplish with your personal site.

Digital artists tend to prefer a gallery to showcase their work, while photographers like a blog that allows them to write some text about the shoot. Either way, it is your choice and this is the step where we can decide what you would like to go with.

Design Phase

In this phase I will create a mockup of the page based on your consultation. Before anything is coded, we will go over this design and you can decide if you would like to make any changes.

I have found that many digital artists and photographers are very particular about the aesthetic of the site and I am 100% open to suggestion.

Online Store

I have found that digital artists love the ability to sell their work online, and they can make some good cash doing it. Whether you are selling prints, stickers, or merchandise with your work on it, I can build you something that will keep that cash coming in.

I can set up an online store that you have full control over. You can add items as you receive them, take preorders, and put items on sale with a quick click of a button.

Socials Page

On this page we will consolidate all of your social media accounts and set it up to serve as a portal to all of the sites you release content on. I can also set it up so we automatically pull in your Instagram posts to display automatically.

This is also a great asset for photographers who post to stock photo sites, and would like to give people the chance to check out their publically available work.

Blog and Content Posting

The story behind the work is always one of the most interesting things about creating content. Your fans and customers want to know how the process and a blog gives you a chance to write about it.

This is also great for photographers because it gives their clients the ability to direct their friends to a specific blog post to see the photos from their session.

Web design for artists and photographers - A man taking a picture with a camera with neon lighting in the background. He is pointing it towards the camera. The colors are hued with blue and pink.


Ensure your work is displayed in the best way possible

Posting your work to social media is a great way to gain more exposure, but it's not always shown in the best way possible. With a custom built website, you can show your work at the highest quality resolution in a way that compliments each and every piece of art. You don't have it getting cropped to fit the dimensions of whatever social media site you're posting to, and it's a great way to prove ownership if someone tries stealing your content.

The biggest advantage of having a website, is the ability to monetize your work. Through an online shop, you can convert your artwork into merchandise that could potentially generate passive income for a long time. Add in the ability to showcase and sell NFTs and you could become an innovator in an up and coming (and every exciting) technology.