Web design for OnlyFans models and Social Media Influencers - An image of a very attractive woman with red streaks in her hair. She is wearing a white shirt, aviator glasses, and has many tattoos on her arms.


Jack Forge Twitter Analytics for May 2021 - An attractive brunette standing in front of pink car.

Jack's Twitter Analytics for May 2021

A quick look at my Twitter stats for the month of May 2021 and a comparison of where my account was a year ago.

If you are struggling to gain a following on Twitter, this article may give you hope.

Don't make these 4 Twitter Profile Mistakes - A picture of an attractive brunette woman looking at the camera. The backdrop behind her is pink.

Don't Make These 4 Twitter Profile Mistakes

So you want to start building your personal brand on Twitter but don't know how?

Let me walk you through a few mistakes that I feel many people make when they build their account.