My name is Jack Forge and I make websites.

I believe that every person, business, and organization should have a great website. Sure, social media is cool but what happens when it becomes uncool (*cough* Facebook *cough*) and you lose everything you've worked so hard to build?

My goal is to give creatives a place where your fans and followers can find your latest content. With your own website, you control the content and you have full ownership of everything that you post. That doesn't mean you have to stop posting to socials, it just means that you have a backup plan if things go south.

With that being said, nice to meet you. I'm Jack Forge. Let's build something.

Web design for OnlyFans models and social media influencers - A picture of Los Angeles near sundown. It shows the skyline of downtown LA on the left side of the photo and a hill of houses on the right hand side.


This may sound a little wild, but I didn't become a developer to make money. I became a developer to build cool shit and that's about it. This is also why I'm very particular about what I build and who I work with. I want to work with creative people that want a website or application to go along with their creative personality. It may not be the most lucrative market but I refuse to spend my time building something that feels like actual work.

Right now my focus is on working with musicians, adult entertainers, content creators, and social media influencers. I feel these niches have the most to gain from having a great website, as it gives them a place to truly build their brand on their own terms. I have talked to social media influencers who have had their accounts banned for responding to trolls and were at risk of losing everything they had built. It's a real worry and one that every creative should be prepared for.

While I prefer to work with creatives, I will also work with businesses that I feel I would enjoy working with. If you are a restaurant, a brewery, tattoo parlor or something of the sort, we can definitely build something cool. If you have an office with cubicles and your employees can't wear whatever they want to work, I'm probably not the web designer you're looking for.

If I sound like someone you want to work with, contact me and we can get started. Even if you just have some questions or just want to chat, reach out. I'm all about meeting new people.

Jack Forge

Web design for OnlyFans models and social media influencers - A black and white picture of Jack Forge. He has a beard and slicked back hair.


There is power in numbers.

The "Collective" is a group of developers that work together if one of us gets stuck on a particular issue. We are a diverse group of people that have strengths in many different areas. Some of us are more focused on design while others are very strong at working with backend technologies.

Generally this won't affect what I'm building for you, but it does ensure that your site will be reviewed by many other different developers before it goes live. This gives us a chance to catch any bugs or issues that may affect the user experience before your users get a chance to use the site.