Don't make these 4 Twitter profile mistakes - A picture of an attractive brunette looking at the camera. She is standing in front of a pink backdrop.

Don't Make These 4 Twitter Profile Mistakes

Jack Forge
May 28 - 3 min read
Don't make these 4 Twitter profile mistakes - A picture of a woman sitting at a laptop working. She is wearing a pink dress and there is a plant in a teal vase in front of her.

As you can see from the clickbait title I have provided on this article, I am pretty excited about telling you what to avoid when you make a Twitter account.

Now if you're someone who just wants to make a Twitter account and comment on sports, your lunch or whatever it is that normies talk about, this article is probably not for you. This article is for people who are hoping to grow their account, and in turn, expand their personal brand.

I know the term "personal brand" can stir up all kinds of mixed emotions inside of you, but if you are someone who cares about creating content and building a network, this is exactly what you are doing. Accept it, embrace it, and follow these tips to get started correctly.

Change your name immediately

When you make an account, Twitter gives you some random name that includes a bunch of numbers. Change this as soon as you can because people will instinctively think that you're a bot.

Once you've been on Twitter for awhile, you will be able to pick out bots fairly easy. I have had conversations with people that have had names like these and I spent the whole time thinking "Is this a bot or an actual human being?" Change it to something that represents who you are but don't stress out about it too much, this can always be changed later.

Use your real name or a pen name

No one wants to use their real name online and I'm going to say that it is perfectly alright if you don't feel comfortable doing that. What I do recommend though, is using something that sounds like a real name. People are always more comfortable engaging with someone that they think is a real person.

This also applies to brands. I know you want to advertise your podcast or business, but think about using a display name like "Brianna from TieredDesigns" or "Tom Smith @ Elevation." I do follow accounts that are a product and I always wish I could get to know the people behind the brand.

Using a relatable name will make you relatable, being relatable is what is going to grow your account.

Upload a Profile Picture that is Actually You

There is nothing that says "Don't take anything I say seriously" like a profile picture that is a celebrity or an anime character. I love anime as much as the next grown man, but I find it really offputting when I'm engaging with someone who has one set as their profile picture.

Take a picture of your beautiful face and feature it prominently on your Twitter profile. I do know that this can be a little strange for some people (especially women) but having an actual picture will let people put a face to your posts.

Now I could have dreamt this but I do believe it was Twitch stream coach Ashnichrist that said people are less likely to engage with someone who has a cartoon or caricature as a profile picture. If you got something drawn up and you like it, use it for your Twitter banner or something.

Fill out your Twitter bio

This is something that even Twitter vets tend to neglect. I realize that everyone hates writing about themselves, but at least fill in some key points. What you do, the things you like, and what you hope to accomplish with your Twitter account. Why your bio exists, is to try and sell people on why they should follow you.

Writing a good bio is one of the hardest things you can do on Twitter. You're not given enough space and you really have to sell yourself with the limited amount of characters you are given. I'll go into writing a good bio in a future article!


Everything I've listed here is not only good advice for Twitter newcomers but also for people who have been posting for awhile. I do know that many people enjoy using Twitter without the stress of attracting new followers, but many of these tips will also lead to an overall more pleasing experience on the app.