A Different Kind of Developer


...and I refuse to build boring websites.

There are millions of people out there that are perfectly content with building websites for a variety of businesses and corporations. That's cool, but it's not really for me. I didn't learn how to code to build boring things, I learned how to code to build killer websites for interesting people.

My focus is on building websites for creatives and for those that make their living online. Many of my clients are in the adult content creation business (OnlyFans, Unlockd) and are looking at new ways to expand their personal brand. I also work with social media influencers, musicians, photographers, digital artists, Twitch streamers, YouTubers, and some traditional businesses.

If you are a creative person that is looking to reach that next level, let's build something.

Web design for OnlyFans models and Social Media Influencers - An image of a very attractive blonde woman in a white tank top, sunglasses, and jean shorts standing on what looks like a South American street. She is standing in front of a yellow wall.


Building a brand online doesn't have to be hard. You have billions of potential customers out there that are becoming very comfortable with spending money online, and just need a little motivation to spend it on you. My ultimate goal is to make sure people invest in your brand. I want them to come back, engage with you on socials, and spend money when you release new content.

As a content creator, I understand the investment of time that's involved with always hustling. Let me handle the website, while you do what you do best.

Web design for OnlyFans models and Social Media Influencers - An image of a very attractive brunette woman in a white shirt leaning on a railing and looking at the camera.


Adult Performers and Content Creators

If you create adult content on the Internet, you're probably well aware that you're at the mercy of whatever corporate overlord runs the site you're posting on.

Having a personal website gives you a chance to start creating something that you fully own.

Social Media Influencers

As an influencer, you are always chasing that next viral hit. Trust me, as someone with a decent following on Twitter, I can relate.

What you tend to not have as an influencer is time to promote yourself off of your site of choice. With a personal website you can direct your fans to a place to fully interact with your brand.

Bands and Music Artists

I love building websites for musicians and bands. I thrive on taking every single aspect of your sound and putting it into the design of your website.

If your fans are looking for music, videos, merchandise, social links, and tour dates. Your site will have it all.

YouTube and Twitch Content Creators

As someone who used to be a streamer, I understand the struggle. You need to be online, you need to be networking, and you need to be on at all times.

With a website you have a place to post your schedule, bio, and whatever else your community has going on.

Digital Artists and Photographers

More than ever, having a place to feature your artwork is very important. I still don't really know what an NFT is, but I can build you a website where you can sell them.

From prints to merchandise featuring your work, I can build whatever you need to make cash off of your creations.

Small to Large Businesses

I like making money but I am also very particular about the businesses that I will work for. I like coffee, alcohol, and tattoos. I do not like building bland websites for boring corporations.

Priority will be given to small businesses.

Web design for OnlyFans models and social media influencers - A picture of a very attractive brunette with bangs looking at the camera. It appears that she is on a bus.


Jack Forge Twitter Analytics for May 2021 - An attractive brunette standing in front of pink car.

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A quick look at my Twitter stats for the month of May 2021 and a comparison of where my account was a year ago.

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